Abel García

Seville, 1996

Abel García develops his practice in the field of painting, in which he explores the image arising from intuitive plastic exploration. In his work he embraces the representational concerns of the pictorial tradition, while understanding the two-dimensional surface of the canvas as an autonomous space in which to configure an image made primarily of paint.

Insistently superimposing successive layers of paint whose color planes fix forms by themselves or by what is left of them, the result of the action of covering, reintegrating or rethinking a new visual structure over what is left of another. Generating a vibrant and dynamic image whose temporal aftermath is essential to trace those factors that underlie the pictorial image itself.

Currently, Abel shows interest in staging the body movements that occur in specialized work spaces, in tasks in which actions of precision or force are carried out immersed in equipment and heavy machinery; to transversely analyze broader aspects of the condition of manual labor, such as the construction of identity and power relations, the environmental impact of industry or the aesthetics of the labor movement.

Available artworks