Marina Roca Díe

Madrid, 1988

Whether through thick strokes of oil paint, tightly fixing the figure of a body on canvas, or in feeble pencil-drawn outlines of a sexual relationship, what is essential in Marina’s work is the constant exploration and scrutiny of that thing we call the body.

A body, the body, our bodies—a phenomenon so fundamental and basic in our lives, but in our own flesh, so imperceptible. We live through it, in it, and sometimes, against it. We can’t live without it. It is a paradox of perception: I am not my body, but I do not exist without it. It is a vessel that contains all that I am, and yet what I am ceaselessly overflows the boundaries that enclose it.

Through representations drawn from diverse branches such as philosophy, psychoanalysis, feminism, and more recently, the physical and astronomical sciences, Marina extensively explores the perplexing territory of the body, its interior, its exterior, its forms, its textures, and its content to create a powerful representation.

In the end, what all these images and representations capture is that a body is never just a body.

Available artworks