Adentro/Afuera IV

Group exhibition by Cristian Álvarez Mejuto, Cristian Arias, Lorenzo Galgó, Carlota Lázaro Revueltas, Joey Ordoñez, Mariem Iman 

Adentro/Afuera IV

Group exhibition by Cristian Álvarez Mejuto, Cristian Arias, Lorenzo Galgó, Carlota Lázaro Revueltas, Joey Ordoñez, Mariem Iman 

5 June - 15 June 2024

One of the founding initiatives of El Chico, is the hold periodic exhibitions of newly graduated artists to serve as a nexus between the academic life and the artistic working life. For our fourth edition of “Adentro/Afuera,” we will bring together graduates of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid -as in our previous editions-and we include graduates from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universidad del País Vasco / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea. On this occasion, the exhibition will be held from June 5th to 15th with a selection of works from the latest graduates. For this reason, and to extend the exhibition opportunity to all students, we have opened a call to send in portfolios and/or dossiers of work for students who are interested in participating in the exhibition.

El Chico presents the fourth exhibition of Adentro/Afuera, an exhibition of graduate students from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid and the Basque Country University / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea. This exhibition promotes a dynamic exchange of ideas, creating connections between students as they face professional life as artists. Each generation of artists brings new forms of expression and representation, introducing innovations and perspectives in both materials and techniques. Students approach new questions and explorations, enhancing the contemporary art scene.

Cristian Álvarez Mejuto (A Coruña, 2001): A graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Sevilla, he is currently studying for a Master's Degree in Investigation in Art and Creation at the Complutense University of Madrid. His painting establishes a dialogue with the imaginaries of the past, creating links with current narratives. His work activates the imagination through reminiscence, suggesting idyllic images. Cristian seeks to contemporize imaginary scenographies to establish new narratives.

Cristian Arias (Bogota, 1991): Graduate in Graphic Design from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, he is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Contemporary Sculpture at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. His work focuses on the critical manipulation of interfaces, where human-machine interaction is posed as a scenario of ideological dispute. She mainly generates digital artifacts, such as websites, videos and installations, which evidence the contemporary forms of the exercise of power, the imposition of identity and the influence of technology.

Lorenzo Galgó (Ciudad Real, 2002): Studying his senior year of the Fine Arts Degree at the Complutense University of Madrid, his work focuses on an aesthetic sensibility towards the world, with an attitude of listening and understanding. His forms and surfaces are colorful, ephemeral and light, focusing on the sensitive rather than the conflictive. Lorenzo explores the relationship between words and things, and the distance between what is said and what is done, as well as between interpretation and action. His work is a way of being and thinking about what matters to him, especially love and its manifestation, as well as images and life, which he thinks, builds and moves.

Carlota Lázaro Revueltas (Madrid, 2001): Studying her final year in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, her line of research focuses on the corny, the amorous and the romantic. This translates into the representation of the vulnerable, the fragile and intimate scenes in painting and sculpture. Her artistic practice is a conscious act of love born of the everyday, with a focus on the cheesy and the embarrassing. Her works show a deep and personal intimacy.

Joey Ordoñez (Cádiz, 1985): Graduated in Arts from the Universidad del País Vasco, he also completed a Master in Ceramics: Art and Function at the same university. Joey experiments with physics and different materials, interacting with space and the viewer. His sculptures are living and changing, adapting to the environment. His artistic approach focuses on taking advantage of time and every opportunity, proving that being an emerging artist is not just a matter of age.

Mariem Iman (Huelva, 1994): Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Granada and with a Master's Degree in Painting from the University of the Basque Country. Her practical process is based on an expanding sense of craftsmanship, using provisional materials with patience and commitment. Through a conception of process based on “Do it yourself”, she moves between image manipulation, copying, decoration, painting, drawing, textile techniques or writing.