Love theme

Solo show by Juaki Pesudo

Love theme

Solo show by Juaki Pesudo

1 March - 5 April 2024


Emmanuel Álvarez Sánchez

Goro Studio


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The most human sound

Years ago there was an angel who challenged the sun. He lifted his wings and flew into the sky, found a clearing between two clouds and shouted at him there and then: “You, great star...!” Arrogant and angry, the sun looked back at him and the dejected angel fell to the world condemned to live through the light and rays of the sun, for that was the punishment that the sun wanted for his betrayal.

For three days and three nights the naked angel slept on the earth, but the rumble of a sound, hitherto unknown, awakened him. Wingless and voiceless, he found himself in the middle of a city, at the end of an alley, surrounded by all kinds of animals without owners. Frightened, he felt his bare back and cursed the sun for having clipped his wings. For the first time in his life he used his legs and ran, ran aimlessly in search of shade, fleeing from that imperturbable round gaze that dominated the sky.
He waited for the night, when the streets awoke from their daytime slumber, and the city became his companion. With the darkness, the buildings lit up in thousands of yellow eyes that illuminated the gloom of that night asphalt. An asphalt that the angel never thought could be so pleasant. And there, in the shadows, he finally felt some peace. All around him the wheels of the cars were spinning, and their flashes turned them into skidding eyes. He looked up, where the stars were also shining, and the sky was released from the universe, falling like a soft sheet.

Then the angel fell asleep, and that dream brought back images of a past life where there was a throne, four winged beings and clouds. He would have stayed forever in that place in his memory, however, once again, that sound woke him up. He wanted to go back to sleep but the noise intrigued him too much, it was a rhythm he was not used to and he got scared. He panicked and got up and clutched his chest, for that was where this new sound was coming from. He looked to one side and the other, down and up, asked the moon for help, and suddenly a magical event occurred: the city opened and closed to the rhythm of that sound and the animals and the sky and the stars also pulsed to the sound. All the celestial beings appeared before that strange event. The wind spread its wings creating forms in the air, which embraced it. And the angels surrounded with tenderness the body of that boy who had discovered his brand new heart.

In the middle of that winged circle, the angel began to cry because of that mere human emotion he experienced when he felt loved.

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